So we went on a holiday to Spain... not quite.

For our collaboration with Bridgestone – world’s largest tire and rubber company – we had to relocate our team to the warm South of Spain. All work, no play: as we went from on-road to off-road spots to capture the perfect shots for this production. Not one, but three concept videos were delivered and a full range of images for commercial use.

Producing professional motor sports visual content that is credible for the consumer – as well as for a brand – requires professional handling. Not only did we provide highly experienced riders to do the trick. Capturing the outstanding performances of the Bridgestone products was our main goal, emphasizing more on the emotional value rather than the technical features.

Three products, three videos. Enjoy the ride!

Battlax Hypersport S21

The Battlax Hypersport S21 – developed on the MotoGP circuits and designed to perform on the streets – here starring in a lifestyle product video about street racing. By making an analogy to another ‘performance’ sport – kayaking – we emphasize the brand values and the emotions these shots cause with the consumer.

Battlax Scooter

The Battlax SC – known for its high performance, also supporting big scooters without compromising economy and fashionability – is the perfect tire to ride in urban areas. Speed, high handling performance and reduced noise are just a few of the Battlax SC features. Watch this next video for the real deal.

Battlax Adventure A40

The Battlax Adventure A40 – the perfect mate for both on- and off-road fun – expands the all-weather potential of trial radials. With this ‘adventure’-tire, Bridgestone delivered an enhanced traction and stability on wet surfaces and a greater durability. Are you up for some racing? Ladies and gentlemen….start your engines!

Photography by Flo Hagena.