Harley-Davidson Custom Kings

Worldwide known motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson came up with a wild idea to organize a contest for the promotion of their new bike, the Street 750: The Battle of the Kings.

In brief: 12 Authorized Benelux Harley-Davidson dealers were left with a Street 750, a limited budget and a strict schedule. Harley-Davidson dared the participating dealerships to custom this Street 750 into whatever they think is hot right now.

Tears, sweat, heart and soul were put into these custom made bikes.

Traveling all over the Benelux to shoot a bunch of cool bikes and interview their creators: an amazing experience to meet so many creatives souls. From dealers in Belgium to Luxembourg and The Netherlands, we visited 12 authorized Harley-Davidson shops in 7 days. 
The initial objective was to produce images for the Benelux launch campaign of the Street 750 Custom King-competition and to make diptychs for various automotive shows and online seeding. As an extention the images are now also used for the worldwide Harley-Davidson Street 750 promotion.
In addition we delivered the copy for this Custom King-campaign and created several video teasers to support its launch.


Part of the assignment was also to photograph the owners and mechanics from the participating Harley-Davidson dealerships to give a face to the builders behind the these magnificent bikes.

The Farmboy x Harley Davidson story continues, as we went on a trip to Biarritz for the Wheels and Waves event, where the final Battle of the Custom Kings was fought. Wanna experience this event from your sofa? Done: watch Farmboy’s event reportage on Wheels and Waves now. We also served as an external production party for press services, as a Greek reporter used our footage to broadcast on national Greek tv.