Farmboy - HELLO BANK



The birth of a fresh visual style

For the launch of the brand new Hello Bank! application by BNP Paribas Fortis, we were entrusted by the client and its agency Publicis to translate a supplied script. Farmboy indulged in visual studies of the commercial, to provide BNP Paribas Fortis with the visual style and identity they needed.

We created a 2D character animation processed into a 40 second TV advertisement for the lift-off campaign. From visual development to elaborated animation, as well as voice-overs, sound effects and various adaptations, are all the work of our creative team. The result is the birth of a fresh visual style.



We also produced two advertisement videos for Hello Bank!, one to be used on television and one as a preroll ad on YouTube.





Through a contest on Tomorrowland, organized by Hello Bank! last year, 10 lucky bastards won vip duotickets for Tomorrowworld. We followed the winners to the United States and produced an event report on how they experienced the festival.