Farmboy - THE BEACH



Create your own world

In this case Farmboy launches out with its digital art skills. From storyboard, to concept and total production: we went all the way with this real estate promotional production. Beach Projects made plans to build this new resort and we created a world that shows the possible environment where the potential clients will be staying. This video is shot on location in Phuket, the Phi Phi Island (Thailand) and Paris, France.

All the scenes that couldn’t be shown yet, we filled with green key shots and high quality 3D artwork. Through in-house cinema you can admire these exceptional Thai properties by Beach Projects at the real estate developer’s offices worldwide. Brought as a viral video so you can relive the Beach experience over and over again.

Great example of how visual storytelling can make a huge difference in the sales process of brands, products and in this case: real estate that only exists on paper. With a little imagination and the right artwork, we can create anything.


Some behind the scenes images