Farmboy - A.N.D.Y.



In 2013 we worked for this amazing Belgian Deejay, A.N.D.Y. a.k.a. Andy Faisca, and created a whole new visual identity for him. We provided the artwork and graphic design for the logo and wrote, directed and produced the video clip of the single “Pump It Up”. More and more musicians rely on us to shape their image and create a star ID. This is usually accompanied by a video clip and a logo: all products of Farmboy’s barn.

By delving into the life and work of A.N.D.Y., we were able to develop a logo that perfectly matches the image of this deejay. An image that is shaped by Farmboy’s experts in visual identity creation.

More about A.N.D.Y.

Ever since A.N.D.Y. a.k.a. Andy Faisca was a kid, music was the answer to everything.
He was writing and making his own music from a very early age, with a background of 70’s and 80’s disco, pop, hip hop and rock. Andy is a fanatic of all things past, turning them into music for the future.

At age 17 Andy discovered electronic music and started DJing. Brussels’ Libertine Supersport club made Andy resident Deejay and his quest for a vintage personal sound hasn’t stopped since.

His first project called Mustang was born in 2009 with a debut E.P. on Gomma Recordings called ‘Chameleon Circus’. In 2013 the Belgian producer and DJ decided to start his proper solo project under the name A.N.D.Y. and released his first E.P. “Pump It up” featuring R&B singer Nyemiah Supreme.