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Explore Canada

Explore Canada

Explore Canada is a Belgian company, specialised in travelling through North America and Canada, who asked Farmboy to make a video report on Alaska and the Yukon. This is but a 30-second teaser we created to announce the launch of the documentary film. In this video we will show you how we’ve experienced the journey through Canada and the Yukon by adapting interviews with locals, spherical shots and astonishing pictures.

More about Explore Canada:

The Yukon Territory became very famous at the end of the 19the century through the Klondike Gold Rush. From one day to the next, this area was overrun by fortune-hunters, looking for gold, silver and other ores. The Yukon is Canada’s True North: a wild, sound territory with loads of glaciers, mountains, endless tundra and white water rivers. An area that still attracts adventurers, gold diggers and fortune-hunters today.

We got a taste of one of the last pristine regions in the world. We got to explore Canada and the Yukon in 10 days. From the 33 000 people who live in the Yukon, 30 000 are located in White Horse, the biggest city in the Yukon. These are Canadians, but also First Nations: they are one with nature. During our trip we’ve encountered more animals than humans in this last piece of real wilderness on earth.