Farmboy - Kawasaki – Leisure range 2014

Kawasaki – Leisure range 2014

Kawasaki – Leisure range 2014

Founded in 1896, Kawasaki was originally known for building steel ships, locomotives and freight cars. In the sixties they finally began manufacturing motorcycles but it wasn’t until the end of that decade they started to be noticed as a big player on the motorcycles market.

Kawasaki is a high-performance brand with an impeccable reputation for delivering firm quality and living according an uncompromising philosophy. Those ethics run through everything Kawasaki does, including their range of first-rate, fashionable clothing and merchandise.


Inspired by Kawasaki’s long heritage, Farmboy developed the idea for the new 2014 leisure wear range. The photos were produced in Andalusia, Spain and are used all over Europe for Kawasaki’s catalogue, web and POS assets. To be able to work for this well-known brand and help to elevate their campaign to the next level, really made our day.



Watch the Behind The Scenes video here: