Farmboy - Komono x Andy Rementer

Komono x Andy Rementer

Komono x Andy Rementer

Komono is a community of dreamers and designers dedicated to perfectly timed accessories and rooted in the Belgian tradition of fierce quality and craft.

Komono Curated is an ongoing series of Capsule Collections & Artist Collaborations developed to push the boundaries of the known accessory world and conquer new frontiers. Curated allows Komono to collaborate with influential artists & creative individuals from around the globe. These exclusive releases expand the reach of Komonism into museums, concert venues and fashion runways by displaying the talents of those who inspire this brand.

The last Capsule Collection contained six timepieces with each one featuring a different detail from the ‘80s era-work of the late painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Now Komono chose to work with the creative drawer/cartoonist/painter/ animator, Andy Rementer, for their new collection.

Three new timepieces were manufactured in collaboration with Rementer, narrating a short story about a boy and a girl in the city searching for each other.

Our creative team developed three 15” reveal video animations and three animated teasers for online use on social media, one for each piece of the story ‘His-City-Her’. Farmboy also produced an animation launch video, telling the whole story.