Farmboy - Sporza



To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Belgium’s Flemish Sports channel ‘Sporza’, Farmboy was asked by its neighbors from Supermachine to help create a few short videos. The concept was brought by Supermachine and we gave the idea shape by drawing the storyboard, getting everything on ‘tape’ and doing the post production of the videos.

The reason for making these short commercials was to promote the World Cup 2014. A couple of earnest, though funny Sporza reporters chose their favorite sports-moment and we made some amusing videos about it.


Watch how Frank Raes relives the football match between Belgium and Kroatia.


Kris Meertens and Marc Willems are definitely going for gold with this one.


And also Michel Wuyts and Dirk Gerlo don’t hold back in their fragment.