Farmboy - Tag Heuer - Cristiano Ronaldo

Tag Heuer - Cristiano Ronaldo

Tag Heuer - Cristiano Ronaldo

Don't Crack Under Pressure

Like their ambassadors, TAG Heuer is known for their precision and performance. That is why they chose the fastest football player alive Cristiano Ronaldo a.k.a. CR7 for their latest #DontCrackUnderPressure-campaign image. Cristiano represents everything TAG Heuer stands for: make your own rules, choose your own path, never quit moving forward, never compromise, never crack under pressure.

Ronaldo is captured by our in-house photographer for this production, fully coordinated and managed by the Farmboy-crew. We didn’t crack under pressure during this shoot on location in Madrid and neither did CR7, resulting in this legendary shot.

Photography by Mike Van Cleven.