Farmboy - Tape, Touw, Blik

Tape, Touw, Blik

Tape, Touw, Blik

Every year you get these boring, traditional Christmas cards or advertisements send by different companies. But not from Farmboy! We produced this wayward Christmas short film as an alternative to all those lame publicities out there. Launched just before the Christmas Holidays and send with our last newsletter of the year. Written and directed by one of our very own crewmembers, “Tape, Rope, Can” will give you a good laugh and distract you from all the traditional Christmas rubbish.

It’s a story about two brothers, who, despite their unique situation, have an extraordinary strong bond. Get ready for 5 minutes of pure, amusing storytelling. Production and post production by Farmboy.

A short film written and produced by Farmboy

Sven De Swaef as Herman
Igor Van Hooste as Igor

Director - Justine Vergotte
DP - Mike Van Cleven`
Camera Operator - Fabio Verhelst
Art Director - Aykan Umut
Editor - Justine Vergotte

Light by
Tom Van den Abeele - Watts
Dries de Paepe - Watts

Sound by
Johan Maertens
Sofie Deblieck

Audio mastering by
Nick Peeters - Sound Wizard

With the cooperation of:
Maurice, Cafe Druiftak
Zwembad Ter Wallen, Merelbeke
Gemeente Merelbeke
Sylvia Covent
Walkie Talkie
Konijn Two Face