Farmboy - FLO HAGENA



Flo was dropped on the earth in Munich in 1973. Growing up in Bavaria opens a lot of outdoor sports possibilities at the Alps and lakes, such as snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing and skateboarding. He always wanted to shoot these sports that inspired him the most, cause he had a certain feeling with them. Flo knows what the adrenaline rush is like.

He got his first photo-camera (35mm) when he was 14 and used his dad’s SLR until he could afford his own.

His little photo lab got him digging deeper into photography by analyzing the good and bad results. 

Photography became a real passion. But he decided to study medicine for three years, got bored with it and wanted to do something creative instead.

The start of his career was being a photographer for magazines and a small advertising agency, followed by sportswear companies. After doing a few of those jobs Flo decided to study media design and informatics to get ready for the new Age of digital photography.

His personal joy is to work closely with athletes/people and try to find the angle of how the core sees their sports – to add their vision and energy to his pictures. The fascination of being able to freeze action, the part of a second in a single image is exactly what gives him the drive. Missing a good shot is never an option. Whatever it takes, wherever he can find a better angle, Flo will go for it. It’s worth it? He’ll risk it! – No matter if he has to run, jump, climb or dive to get the right picture.

"Photography is my love, my essential, my spirit, my memory."