Trained in product design, Jelle was never keen on photography assignments and even got other people to do them for him. It must have been the subjects that didn’t really appeal to him, as he actually did have a feel for photography. Fortunately, that soon became obvious. Photographing snowboarders turned out to be his forte and when one of his pictures made it into a renowned snowboarding magazine, things really started taking shape.

When a bad knee kept him out of the snowboarding game he switched his focus to skateboarding. He got published by some of the world’s leading skateboarding magazines, which got him noticed by brands and eventually made him one of Volcom’s in-house photographers. Over the past few years he has proven to be one of the top skateboarding photographers, earning trust, respect and widespread recognition from the world’s finest pro skateboaders.

For Jelle, the perfect skateboarding shot highlights the complexity of the trick, while reflecting the style of the rider, but also the location, lighting and framing have to be on point. Analog photography is something he’s pretty stoked about, so when he feels he shot thé picture he often switches from digital to film. He still loves the process of developing film and knowing how to tweak contrast and grain in order to create an atmosphere that can hardly be achieved in digital photography. In pushing himself and not focusing on other photographers, he stays true to his own style.

Jelle is a versatile photographer. He also loves shooting portraits and everyday life in his typical documentary style.

Motorcycles are his passion. Whether it is riding or wrenching on one of his bikes, it is the perfect way to clear his mind.

Jelle worked for clients like Volcom, Carhartt, Element, Spitfire, Anti-Hero, Eat Dust and Pluto On The Moon.

His photographs got published in top skating magazines such as Thrasher Magazine, TheSkateboardmag, Transworld Skateboarding and many more.

When he’s not traveling the world, he lives with his family in Mechelen, Belgium.