Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Mother Earth and all living creatures, Mike Van Cleven, discovered his photography obsession when he was only 8 years old. His attention could only be captured by: observing the pristine nature, drawing ‘wild’ animals and taking pictures of swaying blades of grass.

Born and raised in Belgium, Mike spent every free minute with a professional photographer and learned the dark room secrets at the early age of 15.

With no digital cameras existing, photography was full of trial and error for the young apprentice.

When turning 20, Mike got a taste of the student life, studying Marketing while merely exploring his creative visual know-how for a few years. Learning from his mistakes and toiling hard to improve his skills, he started working at various FMG and sports/fashion brands. Working closely on brand and image projects, requiring high-end visual communication, he met and worked with a lot of influential people.

During a job he came in touch with an international Men’s magazine and got the chance to pursue his photography dreams. Mike decided to use his experience, focusing on his photography skills and soon got a taste of the land of opportunities, The States. Living from airport to airport, he shot editorials and commercials for some of the world’s largest consumer brands.

“Now you can press the button like crazy, back in the days, you had to wait for that right moment, that particular composition.”

Since 2004 Mike adapted towards film direction and production and works primarily as a commercial photographer and videographer. Nowadays his focus is on commercial and fashion photography, creating cinematic images and personal work as fine art photography. Coming up with new ideas for campaigns and providing quality in his work, even with the smallest projects. Mixing lifestyle, fashion, reportage and portrait while creating the perfect atmosphere for the shoot, makes it a real ‘Mike’- production.

+ Eastpak
+ Jeep
+ Kawasaki
+ Julia Diehl
+ Rodania
+ Toos Franken
+ O'Neil
+ Maxim Magazine
+ Braun
+ Monster Energy
+ Denim Mag
+ Reef
+ Stimorol
+ Mobistar

+ A.N.D.Y.
+ Dawn Olivieri
+ Nyemiah Supreme
+ Shameboy
+ Silverene
+ The Prodigy