Growing up a skater, but often injured, Wouter Struyf - out of necessity - started approaching skating in a different way. Sixteen, camera in hand, and shooting his friends for hours on end, he gradually improved his photographic skills and quickly got the hang of how to best capture the action. It proved to be the start of a new love. The love of photography.

After having obtained a degree in Bio Engineering and Environmental Sciences, he immediately switched his focus back to photography - old loves never die.

Action sports such as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding are his primary point of interest.
Since becoming a professional photographer, Wouter has mainly worked for sports brands such as Quiksilver and O’Neill.

Being a surfer himself, Wouter knows exactly what to do and where to be in the water to take the perfect shot. Throughout the years, he has developed a firm bond with the surfers he closely works with. They trust him completely, which makes it easier not only to heighten the suspense of the action, but also to convey the story of the athlete and consequently, the message the customer wants to see transmitted in the image or campaign.

Wouter is a prime example of what a professional photographer should be like. His calm and friendly demeanor is a trademark characteristic, which makes him a good partner for our clients.